In many developing countries, it’s common for water projects to break down and stop functioning due to a lack of maintenance. The major contributing factor towards this failure is that projects are initiated without a clearly outlined stakeholder input. The success or failure of a community-based water management project depends on the level of community participation and ownership, training, and education of the project leaders.

We have discovered through our work that fewer people and time are spent maintaining Rainwater Catchment Tanks (RCTs) if teachers, students, and other staff of any institution haven’t learned how to use them properly. Sadly, scenarios like this can result in situations where “there is a successful project that has failed due to poor management.”

Our goal is not only to build Rainwater Catchment Tanks for schools but to empower communities with the knowledge and skills to use and maintain them.

Our trained and experienced masons collaborate with the appointed school administration on the necessary steps to give these tanks a longer life span. Any schools that notice or experience a problem with our tanks are encouraged to contact our offices so we can work with them to find a solution promptly.

We’re dedicated to making sure that the smiles of the students during the construction and the handing over processes of the tanks are not short-lived! Donate today towards our Water Security Program so we can continue building RCTs for communities to enjoy for decades.