Nancy the Secretary of KCDG on regular inspection of the tank

In most parts of Kenya, October is usually harvesting month because there are small rains conducive for harvesting. Kambiri is no exception, as most farmers were busy harvesting their produce. Unlike most parts of the country that are experiencing drought, Kambiri is blessed with rains and farm produce, and some farmers sell the surplus produce to meet their other needs, like buying soap.

October also has the most holidays in the Kenyan calendar, and it’s mostly seen as a period that ushers in the festive season.

Soap production

We produced 306 liters of soap this month and sold 275 liters due to high demand in schools. Masons constructing Rainwater Catchment Tanks were regular customers buying from the office too. The art of segmenting the market has enabled us to achieve our target, and we thank Friendly Water for the World for the consistent training and support of our endeavors.

Shade construction                                                                                                 

We are thrilled as a group to have a brick shade at our leased property! It was a great challenge storing the bricks bearing in mind the high rains experienced in September, and we have stacked our bricks and are now in good condition and safe from direct rains and sunlight.

Tanks construction

This is our second round of construction of Rainwater Catchment Tanks at the Ivakale sub-location site.          

The two schools we’re constructing tanks for are Shanderema and Ibukaburu primary. Both schools were very happy during the construction process because they used to fetch water from the local river, which challenged and interrupted ongoing lessons. They hope that children will be able to achieve a lot in their academic performance now that they have two tanks, each with a 25,000-liter capacity, and won’t have to walk for water.


  • Continue to segment the market for easy selling
  • Beware of red alert on when to order supplies to avoid the last-minute rush
  • To be helped procure an office desktop for ease of reporting