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Friendly Water for the World is inspired by an engaged community. Supporters, donors, and partners regularly contribute not just their time, but also their thoughts, ideas, and feedback. They are interested in the progress we are making and the challenges we face along the way. We do our best to provide information for them through different platforms and in a variety of formats, from monthly Zoom Chats to social media and our newsletter. All of the big stories in our newsletter are hosted here so that our community and the general public can return to read them and share them with others.

On this page, you’ll discover the latest word on our programs, results, and organization. From Community Engagement to Rainwater Catchment Tanks in Zambia, we talk about every part of our work. We usually share at least a couple of updates a month here, organized in chronological order, while posting more frequent short updates on our Facebook page. If you have questions about a story, if there is a subject you’d like to know more about, or if you’re a partner looking to collaborate on content, please contact us.



Exchange visits, otherwise known as study tours, seek to improve visitors’ knowledge and practices and teach them how to integrate new skills into their work.

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small things made big

Small things made great

It seems like major gifts and their earnest givers are everywhere these days. When money like this starts making the news, you might begin to wonder how much difference a small donation makes. Well, the truth is…

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curved bricks make the rounds

Curved Bricks Make The Rounds

Curved bricks, interlocked together as a rainwater catchment tank, are starting to appear in Kambiri, Kenya. The first 20,000 liter tank using these bricks was just completed near our Kakamega Center…

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