Catching rainwater and opportunity

Catching Rainwater and Opportunity

For more than 100 years lead has been mined in Kabwe, Zambia. There have been few environmental safeguards and waterways have been used to carry waste with almost no restrictions. This is the area in which a Friendly Water for the World trained team…

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5 valuable lessons learned from 10 years of community development

5 Valuable Lessons

In 2019 and 2020 the staff gathered together on many occasions to talk frankly about the last 10 years. They were the kinds of thoughts and conversations you often have when approaching a noteworthy anniversary or milestone. And they led to…

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10-year background

10-Year Anniversary Recap

On Friday, November 27, Friendly Water for the World held an event to fundraise for our 2021 programs and to celebrate our first 10 years. There were over 70 participants who donated more than $20,000 towards programs in Kenya, Zambia, and India. The event…

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Gift Bunching

There is barely one month left in 2020 and while many will be happy to put this year in the history books, there is still time left to take advantage of once in a decade charitable gifting opportunities and make an enormous impact on your community and the world.

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Mungolo school house

Better Bricks, Better Futures

In March of 2020, when our worlds seemed to be spinning out of control, we told you about projects we had just completed with the community of Monze, Zambia. These projects were managed…

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Matsakha team acceptance

Matsakha Community Engagement

On October 8th, 2020, Friendly Water for the World Africa Programs Manager Eric Lijodi left him home in Kakamega County, Kenya for Matsakha sub location. It was going to be an exciting day…

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