This month, we did not construct new tanks but worked towards finishing the tanks at Chegulo Primary and Namshya Secondary schools. The MYDG team did an excellent job ensuring that the curing process was done adequately and to standard, and we thank the MYDG leaders and staff for proper coordination in ensuring it was a smooth process.

At Chegulo Primary, the head teacher is committed to completing all necessary plumbing, and we hope to hand over the two tanks in November. Unfortunately, Namushya Secondary still faces financial challenges, but we hope we can hand them over in November once the gutters are installed.

We appreciate the support from our project leaders and funders, which has created a strong bond within the community. We can now have sustainable and reliable fresh water to drink, and we can have our children sit comfortably in class and learn without any disturbances, especially during the dry seasons we have started experiencing.

Our members of MYDG are looking forward to embracing all the new technologies that continue to benefit our community and ensure we can maintain a good quality of life—and we thank our partner, Friendly Water for the World, for their support.

Soap Sales

The devastating economic challenges Kenyans have been experiencing the past six months have worsened since the August 9th general election, having a local and global impact.

Increased inflation in Kenya has increased the cost of essential commodities and lowered purchasing power. Due to the economic challenges this month, soap sales declined. Rising inflation has affected customers’ savings, and even those on pensions, like retired teachers, have been impacted. Because of the economy, market demand for soap has declined, so we’ve started offering payments in monthly installments so customers can still access the product. Even with this adaptation, some customers still have not paid by the end of the month.

In addition to the inflation, many community members have adopted the soap-making process, leading many individuals to our office requesting if they can get soap-making materials. Some parents are taking tender in schools as a form of paying schools, and even teachers are doing the same. With this, the market demand for our meta-liquid soap suffered a blow in terms of local purchases, affecting marketing demand.

Despite all these challenges, as MYDG members, we have laid down all the necessary strategies to continue marketing our soap and making sales. We are committed to working together as a team, being led by our leaders, who are doing a great job of ensuring proper coordination so things can start to improve.


  • Continue to encourage payments by credit or monthly installments
  • Continue educating community members on the necessity of soap
  • Hire a Marketing Assistant