November has been a busy month, especially as Kenyan citizens are trying to move past  the political atmosphere they had before and after the general election was held on August 9th, 2022. People are now trying to settle and reorganize themselves as the country navigates new  challenges, but we are hopeful that soon  things will be much better.

Handing Over Rainwater Catchment Tanks

At MYDG, we had a series of activities this month, including handing over completed tanks to schools. 

We are glad to report that the two tanks at Timbito Primary School and the two at Chegulo Primary School were handed over to the schools, and the children can now enjoy fresh water, which is safe to filter and drink! We appreciate the work done by the Headteachers at Timbito and Chegulo Primary Schools for collaborating with us and ensuring that things are running smoothly. 

We also extend our gratitude to both the MYDG and Kambiri leadership without forgetting our donors for their great support and for exemplifying servanthood leadership.

It brings us joy to see our kids in the community no longer suffer the stress of a water shortage! The impact of this water project will be seen as the results come out, but these water tanks will give them ample time to concentrate on their studies in class. We are happy that the time wasted getting water from the river can now be utilized for learning. 

We hope to hand over the two tanks at Namshya Secondary School soon. We appreciate the effort of the Principal to consolidate all the stakeholders — both parents and board members. We shall see things move despite the challenges schools face regarding the limited finances released by the government.

Tank Construction

This month we had four rainwater catchment tanks (RCT) being constructed, two at Mavusi Primary and two at Tombo Primary. 

Our masons worked weekends to ensure construction was complete in time for students’ exams when schools shut down to all visitors. Our masons, both from Kambiri and Matsakha, have shown a spirit of teamwork! This has really shaped their experience of working together as a team and learning more from others. Our masons portray the spirit of togetherness which is an inspiration to many. This project has enlightened communities, particularly Matsakha and Kambiri communities in the entire Kakamega region. 

This drives us as MYDG to ensure that this project is impacting the community of Matsakha, giving their children access to proper hygiene, and helping them have clean and safe water for use.

The four tanks have been completed, and the curing process has already begun, and we hope the heads of the two schools will facilitate our handing them over as soon as possible.

Soap Sales

Rising unemployment and poverty caused by the changes in the economy and drought in areas of the country have caused some worries to the entire country, creating uncertainty and impacting our soap sales. The challenges in the economic sector are due to increased inflation that has left Kenyans wondering all over and has created low demand for essential commodities. This challenge has largely negatively impacted middle-class consumers.

We are using every possible marketing strategy to ensure we continue selling our soap to our customers. As the country regains its economic stability, we hope soap sales will increase very soon.