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Your Legacy for the World

Consider leaving a legacy of kindness and sustainability by including Friendly Water for the World in your estate plans. Your thoughtful contribution will support our work creating opportunities that empower communities to steward their lands, waters and culture. By including Friendly Water for the World in your estate planning, you become a vital part of ensuring access to this essential resource for generations to come.

How Can I Make a Legacy Gift?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you help me write a will?

We can’t help you write your will or provide legal or tax advice. Please consult an expert professional who can offer legal advice based on your financial and philanthropic goals.

Do I have to tell you that I have included you in my will?

The decision is entirely yours, but we would greatly appreciate knowing about it! Each forthcoming gift we learn about contributes to establishing a stable financial foundation for the years ahead, enabling us to plan strategically for the future.

Donors employ various approaches in sharing their intentions—some provide us with essential details, while others include a photocopy of the relevant section of their will referencing us. Please be assured that any information you choose to share with us is strictly confidential and non-binding. You retain the flexibility to change your mind at any point in the process. Your openness helps us build a sustainable future, and we respect and honor your confidentiality in this matter.

How much do I have to give as a legacy gift?

We’re grateful that you’ve chosen to give to Friendly Water for the World and we’re delighted to accept any gift, no matter the amount. It’s through collective action that we can make meaningful change.

What do you do with my gift?

Your thoughtful contribution will support their mission to provide clean and safe water to communities in need around the globe.