During November, most students in the country took national exams, which will continue into December. These tests measure students’ abilities on what they have learned throughout the year.

The Handing Over of Rainwater Catchment Tanks

It was our second round of handing over tanks at the Ivakale sub-location. The communities at Shanderema and Ibukaburu Primary Schools were delighted! 

Most of the time, students had to fetch water far from the school compound, which resulted in many girls dropping out of school because of early pregnancy. The head teacher promises better performance moving forward now that students will be able to stay at the school.

As group members, we appreciate the teamwork of the Matsakha and Kambiri Masons for their excellent work. Thanks to Friendly Water for the World for supporting our groups and the whole community. We strive to continue to do great work!

Food Relief

In November, we witnessed the food relief distribution to Samburu — it’s located in Rift Valley province, where climate change is a disaster. Many people in the county are experiencing famine, causing strain on their living, and the relief gave them hope.