This was a historic month for Kenyans, as a majority of us endured long queues and heavy rains to exercise our constitutional mandate to vote and demonstrate democratic maturity, unlike previous years when every election was marred with violence. This time around, people voted and patiently waited for the independent electoral body to do their mandate.

The long election period disoriented our plans of activities to be undertaken, though again, it was a blessing as we interacted with most people on what we do and promote.

As we are ushering in the new month of September, we are cognizant that before the elections, we were in different political groupings. It’s now a moment for healing and reconciliation because, in every contest, we have winners and losers.

A number of activities took place in August. Here is what we accomplished:


In August, we handed over five tanks to schools in Kambiri. There was a planned and arranged event with a ribbon cutting, a guest book signing, entertainment, and awarding gifts. Overall, it was an exciting experience, and the schools were happy and appreciative of the tanks.


We started producing our second batch of bricks in readiness to construct the next tanks, and technicians and other community members helped. Though the rains are heavy and pose a challenge, we are adapting.


Even though we experienced breakouts, we successfully distributed soap, which was greatly attributed to customers visiting our offices regularly. In Kambiri, this is the only store where they can find affordable and quality soap.