Volunteer or partner with us. We mobilize action worldwide and seek to empower all people of good will to join us.

Anacortes volunteers


There are many ways to join our mission. For our first eight years Friendly Water for the World was an all-volunteer organization. From board direction to fundraising, administration and event management, volunteers built and continue to be the foundation of our future. They provide valuable input and crucial perspective helping to guide us on our path to potential supporters and partnerships. Perhaps most importantly, our volunteers inspire a lot of joy and humor, essential ingredients to balance the seriousness of the work we undertake. Thanks to the power of virtual work and connection, volunteers are able to connect with us from Costa Rica to Montana.

Another way people, organizations, and companies join our work is by becoming partners. Sometimes we partner with organizations who have a shared vision and want to share information and best practices. Other times our partners become sponsors of our events or operations. And we are always searching for funding, implementation, and community-based partners to more effectively activate our program. Please contact us ( or 360-214-3145) if you, or a person or organization you know, is interested in partnering with our work in some way.

Are you are interested in joining but want to find more information about our operations or program? Why not attend one of our events? Or you can watch any of our previous digital events on our Youtube page.

Volunteer Opportunities

More and more of our volunteer work is happening virtually and in dispersed communities. No matter where you are, you can help spread the word and invite people to join our mission.

Field Work

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, all volunteer participation in Field Work is currently suspended. When reactivated, participants will have an opportunity to join various aspects of our programming in and around our Build Centers and partner communities.


Become a Board Director to govern, create policy, and help fundraise. Or sign up for one of our Board Committees (Finance, Technology and Evaluation, etc) to help steer organization strategy and operations through your experience, input, and feedback. 

Capacity Building

Collaborate with staff members to help us improve the way we work. Manage data, analyze information, create standards and best practices, or just get something out the door and in the mail.​


Work with our Marketing and Development staff to share and promote the work we do through speaking opportunities, tabling events (when they return), digital advocacy, and other channels and mediums..

How do I volunteer?

Complete this form and we’ll contact you about your interest. Or just let us know what you have in mind.


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