“Save Water, Save Life”, has been our slogan since we began this project. 

Access to safe and clean water in our community has become a scarcity. MYDG’s focus in December was on implementing new projects that can help with these challenges. Through sanitation and clean water, the Rainwater Catchment Tanks (RCT) have positively impacted the people in Matsakha.

Completion and Construction of RCT tanks 

After two weeks of the curing process, four RCT tanks are completed. The curing team is in charge of ensuring that the tanks receive enough water. The tanks are located at Tombo and Mavusi primary schools. Before school begins in January, both primary schools plan to be painted. 

Two new RCT tanks were also built and are currently in the curing process at Vashere primary school. MYDG’s Secretary, Margaret often visits the sites with tanks to check in on the curing team and their progress. She has many goals and is determined to support the community. 

Our hard work doesn’t stop there. In February 2023, we plan to build two RCT tanks at Mavusi secondary school.

Soap Sales

Following the general elections in August 2022, we have been experiencing an economic crisis. Our soap sales have majorly decreased and many people do not have the means to purchase soap. We are confident that with new marketing strategies and MYDG leadership, our soap sales will have a positive impact in the new year.