It is common knowledge that water in various communities is often contaminated and a major source of water-related diseases — and many methods used to clean contaminated water are time-consuming and quite expensive. In response, Aqua-Clara Kenya has developed a membrane filter that can efficiently meet the water quality needs of communities.

The training between Aqua-Clara Kenya and Friendly Water for the World focused on their water filters and how we will partner to introduce them to different communities.

Aqua-Clara Kenya is a company that focuses on water sanitation and hygiene programs using various technologies. They have two versions of their filters:

  • Community Water Filters — Serve larger populations, and have a holding capacity of 10,000 liters.
  • Household Filters — Utilized in individual homes and other small family units.

The benefits of their filters are that they are chemical-free, easy to use, easily replaceable parts, and eco-friendly.

Operating the Membrane Filter

The membrane filter is made of hollow fiber technology with 0.1-micron openings, making it extremely difficult for pathogens such as bacteria, algae, cysts, and parasites to enter, allowing clean water to pass. The filter’s capacity is 15 liters of water and flows at a rate of .5 liters per minute.

Our team was taken through the different parts of the filter and their functions and learned more about its simple assembly process and selling procedures. 

After selling to a customer, Aqua-Clara Kenya visits their home, takes filtered and unfiltered water samples, and takes them to the laboratory for testing. When visiting the client, they also collect essential information such as the customer’s name, phone number, location, household population, and other details to track the filters properly.

Closing remarks

Our programs manager Eric Lijodi made the closing remarks, talking about his journey with Aqua-Clara Kenya and the year of meetings that led up to the training. Now, Friendly Water for the World will procure the first 100 filters, split between MYDG and KCDG.

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