Shelter remains a basic need and a high priority to the Kenyan government, but its undertaking is costly. Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks (ISSB) produced by Friendly Water for the World offer a low-cost alternative to housing, allowing more citizens to have permanent, long-term housing.

We use a unique compressing machine in Kenya called “MAKIGA” to produce our bricks and train and equip people with this technology, particularly through local Community-Based Organizations. The groups are taken through the operation and workability of the pressing machine and its competitive advantage and trained on producing the bricks and our other program technologies, including Rainwater Catchment Tanks (RCTs), latrines, and more.

Some of the pros of the compressing machine are:

  • This machine can make 400-500 bricks per day
  • One bag of cement produces 80-100 bricks
  • The bricks are eco-friendly bricks because no burning is involved
  • The bricks are highly compacted and waterproof (no air vacuum inside)
  • Easy finishing because the bricks are flat, precise, and uniform
  • The machine only needs 2-3 operators
  • The machine is durable and made of a 12mm thick steel plate
  • No mortar joints are needed when building

Together, we can build affordable houses for Kenyan families. A donation to Friendly Water for the World is an investment in our programs and technologies.

“We LISTEN to your NEEDS, DESIGN it to your SPECIFICATIONS and built to your DREAMS.”