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Thank You Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church from Friendly Water and all the Children at St. Tabitha Orphanage & Academy!

This past summer, Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church (PRLC) in Seattle, Washington, USA provided a generous donation to build a rainwater catchment tank at St. Tabitha Orphanage & Academy. St Tabitha’s is an institution that started in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi in 2016. Now relocated to Malava, Kenya in Kakamega county, the school still serves orphans from the Kibera slums, as well as rescuing young girls in West Pokot from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forceful, early marriages. In its new location, St. Tabitha’s has also begun to accept students from the local area to the Academy.

The children at St. Tabitha’s now have a reliable and safe source of water. Girls are no longer sent (often long distances) during the school day to retrieve contaminated surface water from the nearest river. In addition to providing water security, this project has led to improved social well-being and personal safety for these young girls.

PRLC is no stranger to water catchment tanks. At their church’s Seattle property, PRLC is addressing a situation of TOO MUCH water. They have installed 12 cisterns and a rain garden to slow the flow of their heavy rain water into local waterways.

Friendly Water is thrilled to have collaborations with partners such as PRLC both in the US and internationally to address the challenges around this essential resource. Water is life!

Friendly Water

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Friendly Water for the World trains and equips communities with sustainable village-scale technologies to safeguard and conserve essential resources. Together with the communities we serve, we provide integrated, complementary and scalable approaches in seven program areas: Water Security, Clean Water, Building Better, Good Hygiene, Improved Sanitation, Safe Cooking and Sustainable Food.

Working village by village, Friendly Water helps communities identify assets they already possess and build upon them. We don’t go into communities telling them what we can do for them. Rather we encourage them to share their challenges and design solutions together.

Friendly Water has developed a community engagement process which has been tested and evaluated, with an aim of creating long-term sustainable change and community resilience. Our processes and programs are replicable, scalable and sustainable. We invest in communities through training, start-up capital, and 24/7 support.

Our aim is to unite people through shared learning, vision, outcomes, and impacts. The local community’s talents, determination, and leadership drive the success of our programs. And no one gets left behind.

What we build, we build together. That is the place where hope, action and love meet in an embrace.