matsakha soil sifting

“Together is a wonderful place to be”

KCDG members cleaning the newly leased plot

Working together in a group motivates everyone to be at the top of their game, eases tensions, and creates a sense of community. This was a memorable moment for members of the Kambiri development group as they now had a new location to showcase the technologies they were building. They gathered at the premises to clean and fence the property, demonstrating their happiness. 

The leased plot will be helpful to them in several ways, including:


  • Providing space to spread interlocking bricks for the curing process
  • Serving as a demonstration center for technologies where all can visit and learn
  • Allowing enough space in case there are forums
  • Increasing security of working materials and equipment 
  • Improving marketing that is essential for our products 


In her speech, the group’s chairperson acknowledged and thanked everyone for assisting with cleaning the space. She said that the first activities will be producing bricks and training groups of women in kitchen gardening.

In solidarity and to enhance security, the group also fenced the premises and ensured they had a lockable gate.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about…”

Members fencing the plot

 Bricks spread out on the leased plot and undergoing curing

With thanks,

Ezra Kigondu

Asst. Programs Manager

Friendly Water for the World