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Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all

We are addressing IDP (Internally Displaced People), Climate Change, and UN Sustainable Goal #6

The Impact We Make


Empowering communities through clean water access and sanitation for a healthier, brighter future. At the heart of vibrant communities lies the essence of clean water and its transformative impact on health.

Climate Resilience

Working towards climate-resilient communities, fostering sustainable practices, and securing access to clean water despite environmental adversities. Together, we adapt, thrive, and safeguard our future. 

We Envision

We envision a world where rural communities have access to essential natural resources; where villages and cultures are preserved and there are no climate refuges.

Our Commitment

Addressing climate change while creating social, health, and economic benefits and resilience for rural communities… one village at a time.

For the World

Impacting lives across the globe.
Friendly Water for the World has over NUMBER programs worldwide, and we continue to grow! Find out where we do our critical work and get involved today.

The 7 Technologies

Every program is community-led and made better through the relationships at the heart of our work.

No one resource can unlock change, so we provide seven programs to strengthen a whole village.

Our programming works together like the people building it. Bricks made through Building Better form the rainwater catchment tank walls for Water Security. Water stored in those tanks can then be processed through filters as part of our Clean Water programming. Grey water can then be used to micro-flush Improved Sanitation toilets. Together, they make a more whole, resilient, and sustainable village.