The success of our programs is driven by the talents and determination of the local community. What we build, we build together. This is where hope and action meet.


A Build is an agreement between a recipient community and Friendly Water for the World to start one or more programs together. This would usually happen following the Engage step of the Community Investment process. During Engage, the main stakeholders and partners introduce themselves, their strengths, abilities, and desires. They then join together to create an agreement based on a shared vision for a long-term relationship and one or more development programs. We call these Builds because they are more than just locations and communities. They represent a collaboration to try and achieve something together. 

All Builds are organized around a Build Center – usually an office in the community. The Center is a geographic hub usually with a 150 kilometer circumference. At this size we can both reach all possible Builds in the area and share information and resources between the Builds and their respective programs. The Build Center is staffed by at least one Friendly Water for the World representative. Through it we provide local management, program information, and a base to scale our work.

Kakamega Build Center

Our first Build Center opened in 2020. It is located in Kakamega County, Kenya and is lead by Africa Programs Manager Eric Lijodi.

Current Builds: Matsakha and Kambiri in Kenya.

Builds Under Development: Bukobero, Uganda.


Start date: 10/2020

Active programs: Good Hygiene. Building Better.

Planned Programs: Water Security.


Matsakha is a Sub-Location in Kakamega County, Kenya. With a population of 8,277 people it is headed by Chief Juma Inzai and divided into ten villages. We have partnered with a well-known local non-governmental organization, Transforming Community for Social Change (TCSC), to produce programs with the community and their new representative organization, Matsakha Development Group (MDG). Matsakha is the first Build out of our new Kakamega Build Center.

Our relationship together began with a Community Survey and was followed by a 3-day Community Engagement event held in early October. The event brought ten representatives from each of the ten villages together. An assessment of challenges, abilities, and commitment was captured through Appreciative Inquiry and an Asset-Based Community Development process. At the end of the event, MDG was established and the community selected multipurpose soap-making as part of our Good Hygiene program.

Program highlights (as of 10/2021): Good Hygiene program - 2,700 liters of MDG Meta soap produced and sold. Building Better - 5,000 Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks pressed.

Start date: 08/2020

Active programs: Building Better. Water Security.

Planned Programs: Clean Water.


Kambiri Market Center is the home of our first Build and is located in the Ivakale Sub-Location of Kakamega County, Kenya. It is the headquarters of the Isukha North Ward which has a population of more than 30,000 people. Kambiri is also the home of Eric Lijodi, our Africa Programs Manager. From his central location, he is able to easily access and manage the Kambiri programs and the Kakamega Build Center. 

The Build began and serves as a testing ground for Friendly Water for the World programs and technologies, especially those based in Africa. It is used to evaluate everything from the murram (soil) mixture to use in Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks to how relationships should be best developed with local officials. This work produces programs that are optimized and customized with the local community.

Program highlights (as of 10/2021): 10,000 Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks pressed with sales of 8,000 bricks.

Start date: 02/2021

Planned Programs: Building Better.


We have begun preliminary discussions with Bukobero Community Health Center in the Bududa District of eastern Uganda. Bukobero has a population of more than 45,000 residents, 80% of whom are subsistence farmers with limited and inconsistent access to essential resources. The Center is located in the foothills of Mt Elgon in one of Uganda’s poorest regions.

In 2010 a mudslide swept away their health center and it was never rebuilt. We have received a Community Survey and are now discussing opportunities with their international team of partners including Sheila Hosner, Teresa Walker, David Wamuwaya, and Fred Peter Mutsaka. They are interested in Building Better and other programs that would help the community grow. We are having regular meetings with our partners to plan for a first Community Engagement event.

Monze Build Center

Our Monze Build Center is under development but we are already facilitating builds and programs with our local partners. It is located in Monze, Zambia and is lead in partnership with Zambia Women and Girls Foundation.

Current Builds: Monze and Chinzila, Zambia.

Builds Under Development: Hamadunga, Hamooya, and Munamoomba, Zambia.


Start date: 10/2021

Active Programs: TBD.


Goat keeper. Poultry farmer. Vigilant. Headman. Tree planter. Farmer. Mother. Child. These are just some of the people we met during our three-day Community Engagement event in Munamoomba, Zambia during the second week of October.
We worked with our partner, Zambia Women and Girls Foundation, and used Appreciate Inquiry and the 4D process (discover - dream - design - deploy) to facilitate conversations with the community and encourage them to create a vision for what their village could be.
We have already discovered that the community is in serious need of clean, reliable water, as their primary source dried up and the remaining damned water is dirty. And that they have land, labor, skills, and equipment to start building a new path forward.
Next, we will evaluate everything we have learned about the community and start deeper conversations with representatives who were identified through the event.

Start date: 02/2020

Active programs: Building Better. Water Security. Clean Water.

Planned Programs: Under consideration.


Monze is a large town of 30,000 located in the Southern Province, Monze District (pop. 164,000), of Zambia. It is approximately 160 kilometers southwest of the Zambian capital of Lusaka (200km by road). The town is principally populated by the Tonga Tribe and the Chiefdom of Chief Monze is also centered in the town.

In late 2018, Friendly Water for the World was approached by the Friends of Monze, a Quaker charitable organization in Bridgend, Wales to explore the possibility of undertaking work in Monze, Zambia. In May of 2019, as part of a larger evaluative trip, Friendly Water traveled to Southern Zambia to meet with a local organization, the Zambia Women and Girls Foundation Organization (ZaWGF). ZaWGF is sponsored and partially administered by the Friends of Monze, who serve as trustees.

ZaWGF built and operates seven schools; teaches menstrual hygiene, cervical health, and women’s rights classes; teaches and uses permaculture technology; and drills bore-hole wells. The wells, however, are drying out. Upon completing our engagement and follow-up conversations, we agreed to initiate three concurrent programs through one extended training session that was facilitated in February of 2020.

Program highlights (as of 10/2021): 5 rainwater catchment tanks built. 10,000 Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks pressed for a local school building. 

Start date: 09/2020

Active Programs: Clean Water.


Chinzila is a village in the Southern Province of Zambia about 40 kilometers from Monze. It only has one water point and the community appealed to the local Ministry of Health for assistance with possible water contamination. Our program Coach and local partner, Zambia Women and Girls Foundation, visited the same Ministry to learn about nearby communities that might benefit from utilizing both the Clean Water programs we offer and the new team we trained in Monze. 

A borehole well was dug many years ago and is the only water point in the community. It is believed that the water being drawn from the well is now contaminated due to pollution near the wellhead site. Due to the urgency of the situation, we have moved forward with a Clean Water program and will be evaluating the program and the need for a more formal Community Engagement event.

Program highlights (as of 10/2021): 31 BioSand Water Filters were constructed by the Monze team and installed in local residences. Evaluation is ongoing.