Between Two Friends With Kathleen O'Shaunessy

By Will Forester. 03/07/2021

Welcome to what we hope will be a long series of conversations between two friends. This series is part of our Chat program where we open the doors and pull up the chairs to meet and talk online, sharing our program and hearing from you and our whole community. In Between Two Friends, a host will sit down and have a conversation, virtually for now, with a supporter, donor, partner, volunteer, or other participant behind the work of Friendly Water for the World. We hope these conversations will be entertaining, informative, and hopeful. More than anything, we want to introduce and appreciate the amazing people who contribute to our work. 

As this is our first Between Two Friends episode, we are still experimenting with the format and technology. These conversations may be quick takes on Facebook or more in-depth talks posted here on the website. This first episode is in more of an interview format but future conversations may be more interactive and include questions from our community – maybe some will even be live. One day we may even get to chat in-person again. We also plan to add chapters to our content so you can quickly access information that’s of particular interest to you. We want to make this an interesting and compelling series for you so let us know what we could do better.

In our first Between Two Friends conversation we introduce Kathleen O’Shaunessy. Kathleen is a long-time supporter and current Board Director. She started contributing to Friendly Water for the World before it was an official organization and eventually became, and still is, a Board Director. We don’t want to give the whole conversation away, so you’ll need to watch to learn more. She was joined by Will Forester, Marketing and Communications Manager for Friendly Water for the World. Please join us for Between Two Friends with Kathleen and Will.

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