As we know, in August, Kenyan citizens exercised their democratic rights (as stipulated in the 2010 constitution) by participating in the national elections for a new president. It was a very important time in the country, therefore, MYDG had no activities on tank construction.

We are proud to share a significant accomplishment we had this month: dedicating five completed Rainwater Catchment Tanks (RCTs). We handed over two tanks at Friends School Mastakha Primary, two at Friends School Matsakha Secondary, and another at Shilongo Primary. 

Our plans to hand over tanks at Timbito Primary and Makuche Primary have been delayed temporarily due to planning issues. We appreciate the heads at the schools that have consulted and talked with parents about our plans. We hope to complete our project in September and intend to hand over the tanks to those two schools before proceeding to other new schools.

We thank our sponsors from Friendly Water for the World and our local leaders (Eric Lijodi, Ezra Kigondu, and Getry Agizah), for making this possible for our community. We appreciate the teamwork, effort, and spirit shown by MYDG members and look forward to achieving more.

Handing over of water tanks at Friends School Shilongo Primary

Our leader Getry and the headteacher of Matsakha Primary opening the tap of the water tank

In September, if things remain calm, we plan to construct another set of tanks for Chegulo primary and both Namshyia primary and secondary.

Students at Friends School Mastakha Secondary


Due to the economic burden still haunting our customers, soap sales were significantly slower this month as compared to last month. It is, without a doubt, that the country has been in an economic crisis for the past four months. As Kenyans, we are still struggling with economic challenges, which is why there are fewer soap sales this month. 

Additionally, we are still focused on the election and still have challenges with the country’s political stability. As group members, we also feel it because most of our customers also have siblings in school. The product we offer is preferred, but balancing the price at which we sell is difficult. One liter of multipurpose soap is equal to the cost of buying 2kg of maize flour for family meals, leaving our soap not being bought. We accept this challenge, but hope sales will increase as things return to normal.

We do have good news regarding our MYDG building. We have completed the electrification, and now the members can enjoy the light and do their office work without any problem.


  • Economic hardships—Increase in prices of essential commodities has remained a challenge to us as MYDG members. Our customers are still struggling. Some are paying school fees for their kids, and others are jobless. Hence, they have no funds to purchase soap.
  • Increased prices of raw materials—This has become another great challenge for us who depend on purchasing raw materials from importing companies. Costs have gone high hence leading to a scarcity of materials.
  • Increased cost of transportation—The transportation sector has been affected due to rising fuel prices. The transportation sector is suffering a fuel crisis that has affected the livelihoods of those who depend on it. Hence, we, as MYDG, also suffer the cost of transporting chemicals.



  • We still encourage our customers to buy our liquid soap on credit and pay in installments.
  • We also recommend that we continue having an assistant external marketer to assist in marketing our soap.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Wafula

Organizing Secretary, MYDG