To expand global access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation through knowledge-sharing, community-building, peacemaking, and sustainability. We empower communities abroad to take care of their own clean water needs, even as we empower people here to make a real difference.


Our vision is of healthy, self-sustaining, empowered, peaceful communities both here and abroad, sharing our knowledge with each other, with life and hope restored through clean water.

9 things
should know
Friendly Water
for the World

•  We embrace the dignity, strengths, and rights of all living beings

•  We believe in helping people help themselves

•  We build knowledge and resilience through long-term partnerships

•  We are experts in village-scale technologies

•  We are headquartered in Olympia, Washington

•  We are a small but mighty five employees

•  We were founded by Quakers but are a non-denominational organization

•  We are a water-first international nonprofit

•  We were established in 2010 (it’s our 10-year anniversary!!!)