A “Timely Gift “Upon Dedication of Rain Water Catchment Tanks

The Essence of Time

Time management is a very essential tool that helps us to prioritize our tasks to ensure we have enough time available to complete the programs that we start on time.

Construction of Rain Water Catchment Tanks goes through a series of process that include sourcing of supplies for production of the Curved Interlocking Soil Stabilized Bricks, Identification of sites for construction, the construction process and finally the dedication process generally referred to as the “Project Handing Over Process”. All this processes consume time and if not well managed the risks of not completing the project on time are quite high.

While dedicating a project that we had delivered on time at Ingolomosio Secondary School, the Principal and the Board of Management was full of praise to our team for the prompt completion of construction of two Rain Water Catchment tanks to the School. The School gifted us with a “Branded Wall Clock” a clear indication that they had appreciated our “Time spend at the School”.

Gifts of a Branded Wall Clock

The Girls have fun at the new water point

Dedication Ceremony

Management of Schools in Kenya is always the responsibility of a constituted Board of Management spearheaded by the “Sponsor Church”. The Education Act clearly stipulates that the Chairman of a Board of Management for any School should directly be nominated from the Sponsor Church unless otherwise. Just like a normal Church service dedication ceremony, the schools observe this occasion by following all the rules and guidelines required when dedicating a project for the School. Prayers are recited, joyous and melodious songs come from the students, speeches are said by a section of the invited guests.

Lastly, a meal is shared by all as a clear sign that we are all in one accord.

The bottom line……all these activities are anchored on time.

The Vice Chair-Board of Management (1st Right)

Students of Bulovi Primary testing the Water