It is a fact that Friendly Water for the World would not exist without volunteers. For our first 8+ years, volunteers were the peanut butter, jelly and the bread. Our volunteer board did everything a staff would do. And when they couldn't do it they found other volunteers to volunteer. Helping each other is in the DNA of the organization. Today, our volunteer committee is really our everything committee, helping to provide input on whatever comes next.

Perhaps most importantly, our volunteers inspire a lot of joy and humor, essential ingredients to balance the seriousness of the work we undertake.

We currently have about ten permanent volunteers and many more who contribute their time and effort for specific events or projects. Our core volunteers meet monthly to evaluate our programs and how we are reaching and engaging with our potential and current supporters.

You can volunteer a little or a lot, every now and then or all the time. We're just happy to have you with us. These are some of the ways you can join our group and contribute your time and effort:

  • Event coordination and tabling
  • Speaking events
  • Social media influencing
  • Office functions and process improvement
  • Traveling abroad to assist projects
If you would like to join us or get more information, send an email to