Future Events


August monthly board meeting. The Friendly Water for the World board meeting is open to the public. Each board meeting is different, but we always share updates about the core functions of our work and the current administrative status of the organization. If you'd like to know what it's like on the inside, register to join the fun. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate, so these meetings are hosted online using Zoom.com video conferencing. We hope to see you there.

When: Tuesday, August 11 4:30pm-6:30pm (Pacific Standard Time). Register here: August Board Meeting


Chat about Beyond Caste. Beyond Caste is a big new water-first, resilience building and social emancipation program under development between two knowledge-sharing organizations, Nalanda Academy of Wardha, India and Friendly Water for the World. Nalanda Academy is an Education Resource Centre based at a Buddha Vihar in Wardha, Maharashtra that annually prepares 250 marginalized students to pursue quality higher education. Beyond Caste is an opportunity for us to share our platform of life-improving basic technologies to help lift Dalit, tribal and other marginalized students and communities out of the cycles of poverty, poor health, and prejudice. This Chat will introduce Nalanda Academy, the inspiring people who lead it, the program and objectives, and the city of Wardha located in the heart of India.

When: Friday, August 28th 12:00pm-1:00pm (Pacific Standard Time). Register here: August Chat



Past Events


Chat about rocket stoves. Little known fact: smoke from cooking fires kills more people worldwide each year than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. And it is a leading cause of blindness and respiratory disease. How can we help? Well, we have a field-made rocket stove that burns so hot that it attains almost complete combustion - smoke and pollutants are consumed in the fire. And we are learning how to implement it and other designs by studying cooking habits and customs from around the world. Watch our Chat to learn how improving a cooktop can save forests, reduce burns, and accelerate cooking. That and we share updates on our work in Monze, Tijuana, Wardha, and Raranya.

Aired: Friday, July 31 2020. Watch here: July Chat


Chat about stories from the field. This week our presenters take us on a journey to four corners of the world: Kenya; Bolivia; India; and Mongolia. If you’re curious about how you travel to the remote places where we work, what it's like to walk alongside our communities, how a training takes place in the field, or the impact it can have on you lending a hand to people around the world, you don’t want to miss this Chat. Several of our supporters volunteer their time and their memories of the life-changing travels they’ve made to support people and communities most in need.

Aired: Friday, June 12 2020. Watch here: June 12 Chat


Chat about sustainable brick making. What do water and bricks have in common? Quite a lot it turns out. Bricks form the foundation of water catchments, microflush toilets, and lots of opportunities. They also become walls for better schools and healthier clinics. And they're an asset that builds resilience and greater confidence in the future. Hear how we are deploying Interlocking Soil Stabilized Brick presses to create bricks that don't need to be fired, can be created on site with a small team, are low cost, and are significantly better for the environment.

Aired: Friday, June 5 2020. Watch here: June 5 Chat


Chat about the Maasai of Tanzania. In fall 2017, Ginny Stern had the opportunity to meet and work with one of our community partners as they began the first BioSand Water Filter training for rural Maasai communities in Tanzania. Ginny was already in the country volunteering with another Olympia based nonprofit teaching English. Since she was nearby, it was suggested she travel north and join the training in the Simanjiro District. This is the story of that adventure; her encounters along the way with the people, their communities, and the landscape.

Aired: Friday, May 29 2020. Watch here: In post-processing. Stay tuned.


Chat about our new Coach. Most of us have had a coach. Their job is to help the team unlock and reach its full potential. To get the most out of every situation. To achieve things that maybe they never thought they could accomplish. And that’s just what our new Coaches will be doing with their local communities. This week we introduce our first Coach, Warren Mwenda of Monze, Zambia. Hear how he, and this new approach to improve the effectiveness of our development projects will be a cornerstone of our post-training programming.

Aired: Friday, May 22 2020. Watch here: May 22 Chat


Chat about climate resilience. John MacLean is the President of Energy Efficiency Finance Corporation, a former Adjunct Professor at Evergreen State University, and an expert in international financing for sustainable economies. In this Chat he shares his experience working with the World Bank and Green Climate Fund to finance projects in developing countries that build climate resilience.

Aired: Friday, May 15 2020. Watch here: May 15 Chat


Chat with our global friends. Join Eric Lijodi from Kenya, Godfrey Mtega from Tanzania, Binyamin Christy from India, and a global group of friends, as they share the impact the novel coronavirus has had on them, their countries and local communities. And discover how it is but one of many hardships their people face.

Aired: Friday, May 8 2020. Watch here: May 8 Chat


Chat about BioSand Water Filters. Three feet down. That short distance trip is all it takes to turn dirty water clean, to turn sickness into health, and to provide an opportunity for a better life. This week discover how to build a cement box that can create 30 years of clean water every day for a family of ten. All using local resources and local communities. Based on almost 200-year-old slow-sand filter technology, our Project Manager Wayne Medrud explains both how to build and run a BioSand Water Filter, and why this low-cost and low-tech approach is so effective saving lives.

Aired: Friday, May 1 2020.  Watch here: May 1 Chat


Chat about David's trip to India. For 43 years David Albert, our Board Chairman, has been visiting India, promoting ideals of peace and nonviolence, equality and community, ecological sustainability and stewardship, and meeting and sharing with friends who have devoted their lives to do the same. In this Chat, David, joined by Ronelle and Uma, talks about his experience awarding purple umbrellas, sharing our technologies with other nonprofits and foundations, and most importantly, seeing our work come to life for refugees, Dalits, and other marginalized and disadvantaged people.

Aired: Friday, April 24 2020.  Watch here: April 24 Chat


Chat about permagardens with Peter Jensen. How do you grow food with no water? How do you ensure children eat and eat nutritiously? How can you give people the hope, confidence, and knowledge to feed themselves? Discover the answers to these questions from permagarden expert, Peter Jensen. Permagardens combine components of permaculture, bio-intensity, and design to create sustainable agriculture that maximizes production. The method shows how farmers around the world with only a small amount of land can produce food throughout the year using proper gardening and resource management.

Aired: Friday, April 17 2020.  Watch hereApril 17 Chat


Chat about Hydrophilanthropy and Africa. Join our first guest speaker, current volunteer and former board member Ginny Stern as she takes you on a journey to Tanzania. Ginny is a former hydrogeologist who has led water projects for marginalized communities across Tanzania. As a scientist she understands and will share the extraordinary challenges they face and how hydrophilanthropy has become an important vehicle to build resiliency and self-reliance.

Aired: Friday, April 10 2020.  Watch hereApril 10 Chat


Chat about the stories that made us. 10 years ago, Friendly Water for the World formally started working to create hope through clean water around the world. The genesis for the organization began long before that, as serendipity and generosity brought together two men, one ancient but new technology - the BioSand Water Filter, and a new way to mobilize people to develop communities. Hear David Chat about how it all started, before Curt shares where the organization is going next.

Aired: Friday, April 3 2020.  Watch hereApril 3 Chat


Chat about the novel coronavirus. Are you craving some conversation? Looking for something new to do? Maybe you're disappointed that we had to cancel our World Water Day event? Then join our Board Chairman, David Albert and Executive Director, Curt Andino, for a community conversation. We talk about Covid-19, how it is impacting families in India and Africa, and share some information about Friendly Water for the World.

Aired: Friday, March 27 2020.  Watch hereMarch 27 Chat