December is undoubtedly a busy time of the year for everyone. With holidays, activities, and schools closed for vacation, many rushed to our store to purchase soap.

Our soap has seen a rise in popularity and sales during December, and this is due to people purchasing gifts during the holidays. 

Many cultural activities, such as circumcision, which is a rite of passage, take place during this month, and it involves a lot of hygiene; hence most people bought soap, contributing to increased sales. 

Soap production

We participated in a Pastor and Leader Conference organized by Friend United Meeting in Mombasa. Here, we sold 160 liters of soap to masons, participants of the Kerongo community engagement, delegates, and more attendees. Our sales have improved, allowing us to close early for the December holidays. 

Hygiene remains the most basic need in our community, and our soap is one solution.

Tanks Construction

We managed to construct seven rainwater catchment tanks in December. Two are located at the Magale primary school, two at Shianda primary school, two at Victory primary school, and one at Shanderema Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD). All the tanks are completed and ready to be utilized by schools in late January. Next, we will work on repairing the gutters and plumbing.


  • Target schools and other institutions when reopening in January to sell soap
  • Recruit more members on the marketing team and get them trained
  • Enhance our regular meetings for inputs and recommendations
  • Have a Post Community Engagement Process to review our progress