Exchange visits, otherwise known as study tours, seek to improve visitors’ knowledge and practices and teach them how to integrate new skills into their work.

This was a momentous day for the technical group of Matsakha Youth Development Group, which deals with the production of interlocking bricks. They visited the Kambiri Community Development group to learn how to best do:

  1. Soil testing and sampling
  2. Machine operation and maintenance 
  3. Curing process and stacking
  4. Coordinating the production process

Learn more about how the learning process was approached in three basic levels.

The team on a debrief session at the office


There was a briefing session with the entire group primarily for getting to know each other and bonding, along with sharing some theoretical insights on how each group does its operations. After this morning’s briefs, the group gathered in the evening for debriefs and answered these questions, all to enhance their theoretical learning further:

  • What have you learned that you are taking home with you?
  • What might hinder you from achieving your best?
  • What can we do differently to maximize production?


During this phase, both groups worked together throughout production to increase their practical understanding of the entire process.


This step entailed participants just observing the coordination process conducted by the other group, so they could learn how it is done. 

Participant observing the process

And as it’s written in the Holy Bible (Matt, 5:14-16), “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works.” This is indeed what inspired the exchange visit.