Our New Production and Construction Site

Stay updated about our latest progress from the Kakamega Build Center during September, 2022.

Through our local partner—Kambiri Community Development Group (KCDG), we started work on our new leased plot producing Interlocking Soil Stabilized Bricks (ISSB). Construction using interlocking bricks is game-changing when it comes to revolutionizing the country’s construction sector.

KCDG’s production team of women sieving murram on the new site

Our team at Kambiri produced Ten Thousand (10,000) bricks in September! The rented space has made a very conducive working environment for our local team. The curing process of the bricks has improved due to the ample working space that allows us to spread our bricks in the field as they undergo the curing process.

Bricks undergoing the new curing process

The site is also next to the main highway, allowing us to market the bricks to those traveling—allowing people from within and outside of Kambiri to learn about and access the work we do on-site!

Upcoming events include constructing a storage shed for our bricks and supplies and setting up our first proto-type composting toilet.