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Delivering the 
water security 
clean water 
food security 
you want to see.
Partnered with
individuals in over 45 villages!

We believe empowerment is the path to sustainable community development.

Founded in 2010, Friendly Water for the World trains and equips communities with sustainable village-scale technologies to safeguard and conserve essential resources. Together with the communities we serve, we provide sustainable, replicable and scalable approaches in seven program areas: Water Security, Clean Water, Building Better, Good Hygiene, Improved Sanitation, Safe Cooking and Sustainable Food.

Our projects support disinvested communities who are disproportionately impacted by the global climate crisis – those least likely to cause climate damage yet facing the most severe impacts. 

We do this by mobilizing communities to become self-reliant, while investing in them through training, start-up capital, and 24/7 support.  Friendly Water promotes self-organization of various groups, and provides providing capacity building support, income generation, skills training, and baseline funding. 

What we build, we build together. 

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