We are building one million liters of water security for school children and their families in Matsakha, Kenya. 

Friendly Water for the World programs


Programs reached over 5,000 people

27,000 bricks pressed

8 rainwater catchment tanks built

6,000 liters of soap made and sold

2 new village community engagements

1 new soap certification

1 new government-approved tank design

Water for 2,100 school students

2022 PLANS

Programs to reach over 11,000 people

1,775,500 liters of water storage

Rainwater catchment tanks for 22 schools 

10,000 liters of liquid soap

Water filters and high-efficiency stoves for 100 homes

60,000 pressed bricks

$45,000 in wages for local communities 

23 cents

Hope starts with just 23 cents

That’s how much it costs to make one of our special interlocking bricks.

Lock hundreds of those bricks together and you get a new school room. Just like the one pictured here being built at Ivakale Secondary School in Kambiri, Kenya.

Build a new school and new hope for the future, one 23 cent brick at a time.

Turn your donation into a dedication

Dedicate a donation through our website and two things happen.

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You can also send an email to and request as many seasonal cards as you would like to give to friends and family.

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Your gift, is a gift of hope.


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