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chat about sustainable development

Chat about sustainable development

What is the one thing we can do to assist communities in combating not just water scarcity, but also deforestation and infectious disease? We must make the outcomes of our work sustainable. Every technology and training and optimizing action must be designed for sustainability. But what do sustainable Rainwater Catchment Tanks look like? How do you engage communities in sustainable long-term partnerships? Why do so many technologies and solutions on a continent like Africa, which receives billions in aid each year, become unsustainable and fail? Join us this month to chat about these questions and more.

WHEN: Friday, April 30 2021. 12:00-1:00pm (Pacific time)

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curved bricks make the rounds

Curved Bricks Make The Rounds

Curved bricks, interlocked together as a rainwater catchment tank, are starting to appear in Kambiri, Kenya. The first 20,000 liter tank using these bricks was just completed near our Kakamega Center…

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